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Custom Equity
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Financial Calculators

Use our financial calculators to finesse your monthly budget, compare borrowing costs and plan for your future.

Borrowing Power Calculator

Get a quick estimate on how much you may be able to borrow based on your current income and existing financial commitments.
Loan Repayment Calculator

Find out your estimated home loan repayments as well as ways to pay off your home loan faster.
Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Maybe a work bonus or gift? Putting that lump sum towards paying off your home loan could save you thousands in the long run.
Extra Repayment Calculator

Making repayments above your minimums could make a big difference to how quickly you could pay off your home loan. Use our extra repayments calculator to see what this could look like for you.
Budget Planner

Our budget planner will show you where your money is going and how to save more.
Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare two different loan options by adjusting variables such as interest rates and loan term.
How Long to Repay Calculator

Simple calculation of repayments resulting in loan term and overall cost of loan.
Split Loan Calculator

Estimate differences to your loan based on various rates, repayments and other scenarios.
Property Selling Cost Calculator

Understand & estimate the potential costs of selling a property.
Property Buying Cost Calculator

Estimate the total cost associated with buying a property, taking into consideration government costs, stamp duty, establishment fees and other financing costs, such as conveyancing fees.
Saving Calculator

Find out how much you could save, how long it will take and how much you'll need to save every month to reach your savings goal.
Term Deposit Calculator

Understand how much you can potentially earn, based on interest rates, types and various scenarios.
Stamp Duty Calculator

Find out your stamp duty and add you own setup costs.
Credit Card Calculator

Estimate how long it will take to pay off your credit card.
Income Tax Calculator

Calculate the tax you owe on your taxable income.
Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Understand how changes in interest rates and house prices affect your equity.
Leasing Calculator

Find out how much you could save on your new car lease right now!
Home Loan Offset Calculator

Estimate how much interest you could save by offsetting your savings against your home loan.
Honeymoon Loan Calculator

Calculate your repayments at a standard interest rate and at an initial 'honeymoon' or discounted interest rate.
Comparison Rate Calculator

Calculate the real interest rate paid after accounting for all the fees associated with the loan.